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Roof Restoration
JJD Urethane Offers Commercial Roof Restoration

Time, weather events and daily exposure to UV rays and temperature fluctuations definitely impact roof systems.  Deterioration shows up as cracks and splits in the membrane, puddling, and gaps in fasteners.  Tearing off a roof is an expensive, labor intensive, time-consuming and disruptive process.


It isn’t always possible to replace a roof in a cost-effective way, especially if your roof now has cable lines, plumbing and HVAC.  (We recently completed a roof that also had a lot of trash on it.) 


JJD Urethane restoration systems deliver customized, seamless protection that defends against UV rays, temperature extremes, ponding water and other major threats while offering substantial savings over complete tear-offs.


Consider Roof Restoration as an alternative to completely removing your existing roof.  Roof Restoration offers these benefits:


Cost Savings – Roof Replacement is a major capital investment. Restoration requires less labor and less materials, and could cost as little as one-half the cost of a full replacement.


Longer Life - Restoration extends the life of your existing roof, possible 10-15 years depending on the warranty. 


Tax Advantage - Restoration has Federal tax advantages in the form of depreciation.  And Restoration is typically a maintenance expenditure rather than a capital expense.


Green - Restoration is environmentally friendly.  First, we won’t be removing all the old materials, so there is very little that needs to go to a landfill.  And we will use reflective coating materials that can help lower the costs for cooling your interior.


Less Disruption - Restoration is less intrusive.  Standard roof replacement is noisy and can disrupt the normal day-to-day operations, but Restoration is faster and cleaner, and your staff can continue to work in the building while the work is being completed.


Speak to one of our Estimators to determine if your roof is a good candidate for Restoration.  We’ll look for things like standing water, tears or bubbles in the roof cover, wet insulation, cracking seams to gaps in the flashing.  If necessary, we can have an infrared study completed on your roof to help find any wet spots.


Before view of two fans.png
Hazelton Roof Fan view in process..png
Finished roof with fans..png
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