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What is Spray Polyurethane Foam?

SPF is a closed cell roofing material that is formed by the combination of two liquid components.  When these two materials meet in the mixing gun, they immediately expand to 20-30 times their volume.  The roof is sprayed to the desired thickness, 1-2 inches.  The entire roof is sprayed to form a monolithic surfacing including flashing, penetrations and parapet walls; this eliminates seems and cold joints, the major source of leaks.

What kind of roof can be repaired with Spray Polyurethane Foam?

SFP is applied directly over any kind of roof:  BUR, modified Bitumen, wood, concrete, asphalt shingles, clay tile and metal.

Does my existing roof need to be torn off?

In most cases, SPF can be sprayed directly over an existing roof.  The roof needs to be cleaned of all dirt and debris.  If underlying areas are saturated, a minimal tear-off may be required.

Does Spray Polyurethane Foam add weight to my roof?

SPF is lightweight – weighing on about 8oz. per square foot, one inch thick.  If the roof happens to be tar and gravel, all loose gravel will be removed.  This will actually remove weight before the foam is applied, so this roof will have less weight on it with the Polyurethane Foam over the tar and gravel than it did with just the tar and gravel.

Can you walk on a spray foam roof?

Within minutes of the application, the roof is firm enough to be walked upon.  We do ask that you give the roof 5-7 days to cure completely before walking on it too much.

Will spray foam add insulation to my roof?

Yes. An SPF roof will give you an r-value of 7, which makes it the most efficient form of insulation.

How are Ponding areas addressed?

Ponding are dips in the roof that allow water to sit.   SPF is seamless so that the area that is ponding can be build up to the desired thickness by spraying more foam in the area to assure proper drainage.

Do I have to use a White Top Coat?

No. The Top Coat can be painted to any desired color, but remember that the white coating further reduces heat load and thermal stress to the roof.


How do I repair my roof, if damaged in the Future?

In most cases, the damaged area can be sealed with a recommended caulk.  Then, call your Roof Specialist at JJD Urethane to be sure all damage has been properly completed.


How long does Spray Polyurethane foam last?

The SPF roof will last indefinitely, as long as the coating is redone every 8-10 years and any damage done by workers is repaired properly.  The mistake that people make with their roof is that they never pay attention to it, until it starts leaking.  Every roof should be inspected yearly by you or your Roof Specialist.  This ensures that you find problems before they get out of hand.

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