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What is slabjacking?


Slabjacking, sometimes called mudjacking, occurs when a trained specialist drills holes into a slab of concrete in order to raise it up to level.  Over time, concrete slabs, because they are heavy, will move on soft soil due to water corrosion.  The slab will shift down unevenly.  This can cause serious trip hazards. If you walk around your neighborhood, you are likely to see these slabs.

Cracked Concrete.jpg

Various departments of transportation of been testing slabjacking using polyurethane foam for years and it is now available to the general public.

Unlike traditional mudjacking that uses a mix of sand, water and cement that requires drilling multiple large holes (1-1/2 – 2 inches each) and weighs quite a bit, slabjacking using polyurethane foam requires drilling holes about 5/8 of an inch each and weighs very little.  Result:  less weight on the soft ground below.

At JJD Urethane, we use polyurethane foam to lift the concrete back in place.  It requires less holes in the original concrete and because of the foam’s ability to expand and fill holes and crevasses, it forms a solid surface for the slab regardless of the soil beneath.  Good technique and experience are essential to achieve a successful outcome.

Polyurethane foam is a non-toxic, light weight product of two liquids that mix in the sprayer.  It is environmentally friendly and creates a barrier to moisture, chemicals, insects, rodents and natural erosion.

Benefits of slabjacking using polyurethane foam:

  • It cures to a solid, impermeable structure that will adhere to your concrete.

  • It cures quickly. You will be able to walk on the slab in an hour, in most cases.

  • It is lightweight. If your concrete is sinking because of loose soil, polyurethane foam will create a dense barrier but weighs just about two pounds per cubic foot. No added weight on the soil!

  • It is much less expensive than having professionals jackhammer the old concrete slab out and pour a new slab.


JJD Urethane can help with exterior or interior concrete slabs.  Call for more information.

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